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Exponential Impact at a Fraction of the Cost

Fractional product marketing leadership to accelerate product growth.


End-to-end product marketing leadership  

Product Marketing

Build, strengthen and scale the product marketing team and function to specifically address your organizational and business needs.

Product Positioning

Help organizations define and refine their product positioning strategy to ensure their products stand out in the market.

Content Generation

Create compelling content to drive product awareness and interest, including white papers, case studies, brochures, solutions briefs, ebooks, and other marketing materials.

Sales Enablement

Provide sales teams with the tools (message maps, battle cards, pitch decks, etc.) and training they need to effectively sell the product.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Build and lead GTM strategies to bring new products and services to market in a way that uniquely positions you to address the needs of the market.

Marketing Campaigns

Lead and collaborate with your marketing teams to design sophisticated integrated marketing campaigns that drive product prospects through the sales funnel.

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Ready to Accelerate Your Product Growth?

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Why Choose Fraxian?

At Fraxian, we are committed to helping you achieve success by providing the expertise and support you need to accelerate product growth.

Drawing on a Board

Tailored Approach

Solutions are tailored to your unique business needs and goals.

Team Meeting

Deep Expertise

More than 20 years in marketing leadership in both small dynamic start ups as well as large global brands.

Working with Financial Documents

Cost Efficiency

Build, lead and scale your product marketing function at a fraction of the cost of an in-house leader.

Financial Data

Proven Success

Long track record of success resulting from a unique pairing of proven processes with innovative ideas.

Digital Network

Key Features 



  • Seasoned Practitioner: Deep expertise in GTM strategies, product launches, competitive positioning, product messaging, product content development, sales tools and enablement.

  • Functional Leadership: Experience in building, leading and scaling your team to drive growth across the business.  



  • Low Monthly Cost: Transparent and affordable pricing models that make strategic marketing expertise accessible without a hefty price tag.

  • Customized Packages: Tailored service packages to meet diverse budget requirements.



  • Scalability: Services that can adapt and scale according to the evolving needs and growth of your business.

  • Targeted Impact: Focus efforts on high-impact areas, ensuring maximum results with minimal resources.

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Larry P. Salazar

I am a highly accomplished marketing executive with a proven track record of driving growth and optimizing customer lifetime value. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated success in developing growth strategies, GTM plans, launching products, positioning and messaging, driving demand and enhancing customer acquisition, streamlining processes, enabling sales and leading cross-functional teams. Core to my success is the ability to gather, analyze and synthesize market, competitive and customer insights. Additionally, I am adept at strategic planning, team leadership, and executive-level decision-making.

I possess rich marketing experience with SaaS, healthcare, fintech, cybersecurity, education, and insights/analytics solutions. Businesses where I worked include Boeing, 3M, Kaplan, SailPoint Technologies, HealthEquity, KLAS Research, Lendio.


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